Working of a ceiling fan.

Fans are one the basic necessities of our home, and every home has at least 2 ceiling fans and this is required for proper ventilation of the room. Nowadays ceiling fans are available at reasonable prices to cool you down. In Spite of having entrances of various productive AC in the market , the ceiling fan didn’t lose its charm. It’s impossible to not encounter a fan at least one time a day. And this shows the importance of fans in our life. The beat part of ceiling fan is it doesn’t occupy any space of our room. Also these ceiling fans are budget friendly and as it the crucial part of our life we must understand it’s function and workings.

Working of ceiling fans

Fans do not reduce the temperature of your room. They function by circulating the air in the room and increasing aeration. With the help of a motor , the mid blades move. You can observe the intensity of air by standing below them. Airflow increase and decrease by our movement below the fan. Airflow used to increase as we moved left to right and it’s maximum as we stand in the middle of the fan.

Importance of ceiling fan blades

The ceiling fan blade is the centre and most important part of the fan in other words they are the reason you are getting aeration. The basic facts are shape and sizes and no. Of blades the more is no. of blade the longer is size the more is aeration.

3 blades or 4 blades fan

As you must guess, increasing blades will increase airflow. So using 3 blades is very optimum and while having four blades might improve the aeration, it can increase the amount of load on the motor. three blades and four blades are the ones that are used widely with most houses preferring them to single and double blade ones.

Ceiling fan design

Nowadays people are preferring fans with stylish designs and the best part is fans are available with remote. Also nowadays fans are available with light which is much convenient for us.