Every summer necessitates the use of a Service Clone air chiller. Regardless of how low-maintenance they are, all forms of coolers, including desert coolers and cooling towers, require upkeep.


When to Buy New Air Conditioner Water Leaks

Since the water tanks of the coolers are utilised as the principal refrigerant, they should be securely sealed. If your water tank is leaking, it could be an indication of a more serious issue. Check it out and, if the specialist recommends it, consider replacing your cooler.


  • Emits annoying sounds

You’ve probably observed that when an air cooler is turned on, it makes little to no noise. However, as they age, they become louder, indicating that your cooler may require repair.

  • Less Cooling

The primary function of your cooler is to circulate cool air. You should have it serviced as soon as it no longer cools adequately. If it still doesn’t work properly after servicing, it’s time to invest in a new cooling system.

  • Cooler shows Significant Deterioration

Your cooler, like all machines, will wear out after a given amount of use. Because air coolers run on water, minerals will build up on the cooling pads and in the tank, causing water damage and rust.

  • Hindered Functionality

Even with many repairs and routine maintenance, your air cooler will eventually stop working properly. Significant damage will be apparent, and some pieces may be beyond repair. This is a clear indication that your cooler needs to be replaced.

  • Frequent repairs

Even after you’ve consistently serviced the coolers, they begin to break down as they age. Invest in a new air cooler rather than fixing the same one over and over again if your cooler starts breaking down frequently and needs to be serviced frequently.

  • No longer energy efficient

When your cooler has considerable degradation, reduced cooling, and other issues, it is no longer energy efficient. Not only does the damage require more electricity, but it also forces you to spend significantly more money on it.In situations like these, it’s wiser to invest in a low-cost, high-feature air cooler like the Service Clone Optimus 65i rather than keep spending money on repairs. Air coolers from Service Clone will keep you cool!