Check the power of air cooler is kept off in order to prevent yourself from electric shocks while performing these tricks.

1. You need to ensure that cleaning is done before you use your air cooler every summer. On regular use, the dust and pollen get collected in cooling pads, so it’s quite vital to clean them at least once in a few weeks. Along with cooling pads you need to clean the air cooler tank to get rid of sludge, algae. Furthermore, doing this you can avoid any sort of foul smell as well as prolong the life of your air cooler.

2. You can try to fix your air cooler in the place that’s properly ventilated. Good airflow is critical for effective cooling and this may also help to push the humidity out from the room.

3. Another miraculous way to improve cooling is by adding ice chunks into the air cooler tank. This makes the pads cooler and by air passing through them, you’ll feel great coolness.

4. You need to make sure that water in the taken is above the minimum water level mark. Improper water supply to motor results in improper cooling and cause pump failure.

5. Exhaust fan are those that can removes the humidity from the room and this will increase the chances of your room to cool quickly.

6. Finally, adjust the cooler grills so as to direct the air towards your required spot.

Even after doing all these if your issues related to your air cooler are still not solved then, contact Jgdamba service, our professional technicians will be there in no time to assist you.

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