Tips To Choose The Correct Wall-Mounted Fan For You

We all know that ceiling fans are one of the most preferred options when it comes to cooling. Sometimes though, you’ll find that a wall-mounted fan works best at certain places. For instance, kitchen, high-ceiling rooms, public spaces such as restaurants, additional ventilation, etc.

Let us guide you on exactly how you can select the best fan:

Consider The Location Of The Fan

As mentioned above, a wall-mounted fan can actually prove to be a far better option than ceiling fans at some places like restaurants, kitchens, garages, outdoor patios, etc. Now, you need to know that each and every outdoor location mentioned before differs from the others. So you really need to check for factors such as size, oscillation, speed, available space, angles that are adjustable, etc. before you purchase a fan. Consult a technician to guide you in order to find your best match.

Choose The Right Size/Right Number

Just like ceiling fans, wall-mounted fans are also available in many different sizes. Depending on how large the area is, you’ll be able to choose the correct size of fans or the number of fans you really need to install. A fan with 400 mm sweep would be perfect for a normal room.

Check The Available Speeds

This is one among the most important factors after the size of the fan that you really need to check. It’s always good to own a fan with variable speeds. However, as different people have different inclinations for fan speeds. Some may prefer to run it on full speed throughout the year, while some may prefer to use the fan on low speed during winters. It’s always more convenient, when you have variable speeds.

Check The Additional Features

Though you wouldn’t expect much features from a wall-mounted fan, you’d be surprised by some high-tech fans within the market. Therefore, before buying an ordinary fan, you need to check if you can get some extra features. After all, there’s absolutely no harm in having additional advantages, right?

Check The Sturdiness Of The Fan

Lightweight fans are an ideal choice, as far as domestic usage is concerned, provided that the material isn’t weak. Normally, such fans are made of plastic. However, do make sure that you are purchasing a fan that is made from the very best quality material. For more details visit Jagdamba Service website or contact us by the number given on the website.