Geyser’s play a crucial key role in heating up the water but it’s more important to know exactly how to reduce power consumption by a geyser, so that you’ll be able to save money on electricity bills. It is an important appliance that uses at-least 40% of your monthly bill. By following the given below simple tricks you can reduce energy & bills drastically.

1. Buy Star Rated Geyser:-

Before you purchase a geyser check whether it’s 5 stars rated or not because it consumes less power while heating the water. Installing these geyser’s assists you to prevent heat loss and also saves huge electricity bills.

2. Set-up your Geyser’s Thermostat Temperature:-

Most of the Geyser thermostats are set high temperature than required, which can definitely affect on electricity bill by consuming more amount of power. In addition, you can easily turn your thermostat right down to 60 degrees Celsius to save lots of money on electricity bills.

3. Switch To Water-Efficient Showerhead:-

With the modern technology nowadays, you can significantly cut down the cost on your utility bill & thus save the power by using water efficient showerhead. These types of showers not only saves consumption of power, however also saves the environment.

4. Use Only When Required:-

All you really need to do is use cold water for washing hands, clothes as well as cooking purpose. Only for short baths use hot water. Just remember that the less you utilize hot water, the more you’ll be able to save electricity bills.

5. Select Right Sized Geyser:-

You need to select the right sized geyser as per the size of your family and your needs. Geysers that are small-size require continuous heating of water, and the ones that are over-sized means heating extra water than needed. So according to this both of them may end up in high power consumption. Therefore, you need to choose the correct type of geyser based on your consumption habit of water to save lots of monthly bills upon electricity.

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