Why choose semi commercial wall fans?

A wall fan that is semi-commercial is a wonderful cooling solution for resturants, gyms and cafes. Generally, there’s plenty of people packed into environments like these. According to a research, some customers are reluctant to use up valuable floor space with a pedestal fan.

Wall mounted fans are designed in such a way that they are installed high enough. This way they won’t be in the way in a bustling café or a crowded gym class. If you want to direct the airflow to particular areas then you should opt for a model with a tilt adjustable head. In addition, they’re much cheaper and easier to install as compared to ceiling fans.

Most of the time, you don’t have to hire an electrician from Jagdamba Service to install a commercial wall fans. Because they typically come with a lead and plug, they’re suitable for DIY installation.

Quiet DC Semi Commercial Wall Fan

Majority of Semi-commercial models have AC motors, however some brands have a wall fan with a DC motor. Without sacrificing the air flow, the DC technology enables the fan to operate really quietly. Moreover, DC motors are also more efficient than AC ones, and this is absolutely no exception. A Quiet DC Semi Commercial wall fan uses no over 43 watts of power.

Even though the DC motor brings plenty to this fan, the wired controller is by far our favourite feature. A long cord connects the controller to the fan, so it hangs down further allowing users to switch the fan on or off quite easily. Furthermore, this attractive control shows the fan’s current speed setting on a digital display. It offers 6 different speed settings and also controls the fan’s oscillation.

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