Recently, did you purchase a new water heater? Have you ever considered installing one yourself?

Are you aware that the average cost Ivan On Tech to install a water heater ranges between $600 and $1500? After buying the water heater, that’s quite a bit of money.

People may not realize how easy it is to install a water heater. When you can do something yourself, there is no need to hire someone to do it.

This guide will provide you with tips for installing a water heater.

How to Remove the Old Heater

You need to remove the old water heater before installing the new one. You must prepare everything that you need before removing the old one.

Ensure that the water heater parts you need are on hand. Make sure the water heater is functioning properly by checking all the pipes and valves.

Tools and supplies are also needed for the installation. In addition to a hose and tubing cutter, you will need two pipe wrenches and a tape measure.

The other necessary supplies would be a towel, Teflon tape, pipe dope, and leak testing solution. Dish soap can be used as the solution.


Drain the Water Heater You Want to Remove

The old water heater must be drained before it can even be considered for removal. It will be considerably lighter after the water has been drained. Therefore, more maneuverability will be achieved.

Your water heater must first be turned off. You can drain the water once it has cooled down. Run all the hot faucets in your house to turn off the hot water supply.

You must turn the lever or knob that connects the water heater to the water supply to remove the cold water. Your hose must be connected to a drain.

Wait for the water to drain completely before opening the drain valve.


Remove the flue before turning off the gas

Turning off the gas is the next step. A gas line must be disconnected at some point. During this process, we need to ensure that there is no gas flowing through it.

Make sure the gas valve is parallel to the gas line by turning it 90 degrees. You need to keep the valve closed until the new water heater has been installed because there will still be gas on one side.

The next step is to locate the flue. Water heaters are connected to chimneys by a flue. It can be used to power a new water heater, so make sure to keep it intact.

Taking out the screw holding the draft hood in place will allow you to remove it. Disconnect the chimney from the flue by removing the screws.


Disconnect the Gas

The most dangerous part is probably disconnecting the gas. Take your time here. It can be dangerous if you make mistakes.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Keep your senses engaged as you do it.

When gas is hissing from the line, you can hear it audibly. If gas is leaking from the line, you can smell it. If gas is leaking, you can see the air start to wave.

Having gone over the dangers, let’s move on to how to disconnect the gas. Identify the union and disconnect it. Loosen the union slowly with your wrench.

You will be able to tighten the fitting and cut off the gas more efficiently if you do it slowly.

After the gas line from the water tank has been disconnected without a leak, you can remove it.


Cut the Tank Away From the Waterline

In order to remove the old water tank, it must be disconnected from the water lines. The connection to the hot water should be thoroughly drained, so this is an easy one.

If you are cutting this pipe, keep in mind that it will need to be reinstalled. Cut the tubing a few inches away from the tank using your tubing cutter. Connect the new tank with the bare minimum of material.

It may be messier on the cold water side. Your current shut-off valve should be in good shape so you don’t have to worry too much.

Unless the main is shut off, you will have to shut off the water. To keep the water under control, replace the valve after this is cut off while using a towel.


How to Install a Water Heater

Water heaters are easy to install. Connect the new cold water line to the valve you removed from the last one to complete the installation of the water lines. Your cold water pipe must now be connected to the cut-off that you created previously. If you have the ability, you can either replace the valve or weld them together.

Fill your tank with water by turning on the water. Make sure the connections are not leaking as you do this.

When connecting the gas line back up, it’s much easier since you know it’s off. If the gas is turned on later, tighten the connection to prevent gas from leaking through.

The screws you removed from the flue and the tank should now be reinstalled.

Connect the run-off tube, and your connections are complete. It’s only a matter of finding the pilot light and relighting it before turning the tank back on.


Have a Well Deserved Hot Bath

The process of replacing a water heater is now clear to you. Moreover, this article gives you an overview of how to install a water heater as well as how to repair one. Installing it yourself or hiring a professional, such as ourselves, is your choice.

Don’t forget to remove the flue carefully. Getting a new one will be difficult if you damage it.

Gas lines must be disconnected carefully.

Make sure the new connections are not leaking. If they are, turn off the water and fix them.

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