Understanding geyser types in India and the different sizes available on the market can help you select the right size geyser. How big the geyser is matters a lot when it comes to selecting the right size. In fact, if you have a very small tank installed, you will run out of hot water before you complete your shower. The other option is to invest your money in a geyser that is too big and end up not using it to heat water.

Consider the Available Space

The size of a geyser for your Indian domestic family should also take into account the available space. A traditional geyser, for example, is quite large and occupies a lot of space. Only large spaces would be suitable for this type of geyser. The fact that instant water heaters are compact and occupy significantly less space than traditional water heaters makes them space-saving.

How long Geyser last

A geyser water heater’s longevity should be considered when buying one. Due to the fact that hot water storage geyser water heaters can decompose, instant geyser water heaters are more durable than storage geyser water heaters. Instant water heaters come with easy-to-replace parts, which extend their life. They can last for 20 years and beyond without exaggerating.

How to Choose a Geyser Capacity?

It is important that the water heater you choose has a reasonable storage capacity. When it comes to water storage, a conservative or traditional water heater is the best and most suitable choice. The typical tank water heater has 20 liters of storage capacity and can service your bathroom, laundry and kitchen at the same time, while the instant water heater only makes a few liters of hot water available at a time.

Water Heater Efficiency?

What is the efficiency of the geyser water heater you are considering? This is an important question to consider before purchasing. Compared to conventional water heaters, today’s instant geyser water heaters consume less energy. Due to the fact that instant water only heats water when used, power is only used when the heater is on.

How much water is required for my family?

Here are some simple guidelines for you.

  • The amount of water needed per person per bath is 15 liters (this is one bucket). If you use more buckets of water, you must add 15 liters each.
  • For bathing with shower – Each bath requires 25 liters of water.
  • For extended shower bath or tub bath – 35 liters are needed per person.
  • For washing clothes – Each person will need 10 liters per day.
  • For washing utensils – Each meal requires 5 liters of water per person.

For example, if there are 4 people in the household and they all take showers and baths, the total hot water required per day for the household would be 100 liters. Using the above guidelines, add the water per use to calculate your household’s water requirement.

So what is the ideal capacity?

Geyser water heaters should have a capacity close to the volume of hot water needed at once. In other words, 15 liters of geyser water heater will ensure that the water is optimally hot by the time you have your bath, if you and your family members take 25 liter baths each, and the water temperature is not too low.

Even if the temperature of the tap water is too low, particularly in cold climates, 25 liters of hot water will suffice for a bath, if 25 liters of water is needed. Keeping in mind that 50 liters of water can be used simultaneously, if your geyser water heater is linked to two bathrooms, the perfect capacity is 25 + 25 = 50 liters.


A geyser water heater is a must have in every home during extreme weather conditions. The selection of the right geyser water heater size is therefore an important issue that must be carefully considered, even though some people believe that all they need is just to range a geyser by the size of their home to select the right capacity.

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