Did you know that your ceiling fans can actually spin in two different directions? It’s true, and it’s not simply because they wanted to give you an option with which way it spins. There are a few practical reasons for as to why you’d have to change the direction it rotates in.

How to exactly change the direction of your ceiling fan

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan is as easy as flipping a switch, cause that’s literally all you’ve got to do. 

Nowadays, most ceiling fans come with their very own remote controls or wall controls. These controls are used to adjust the particular direction in which the fan blades rotate. This further makes reversing the direction of your ceiling fan rotation as simple as pressing a button.

Turn off the power to your ceiling fan. You need to simply walk over to your wall switch and then turn off the fan, or turn off the power to the motor on the fan itself by pulling on the suitable chain according to the fan you use.

You need to change the position of the switch that controls the direction in which the fan rotates. This will further be located on the body of the fan and should be the only switch on the unit. Once you’ve already located that specific switch, now all you’ve got to do is press the forward button. This is done in order to set your ceiling fan to rotate in counterclockwise direction for the summer season.

Press the reverse button in order to set your fan to spin clockwise for the fall and winter season. Remember to always adjust your thermostat so as to save lots of money and energy.