This hair dryer repair Fix-It Guide explains how a hair dryer works, what commonly goes wrong, how to diagnose a hair dryer problem, and what components and tools you’ll need to fix it. It then shows how to remove a standard hair dryer and service a hair dryer thermal cutout in simple step-by-step directions. For further information, see electrical cable repair, motor repair, switch repair, heating element repair, and fan repair in this Fix-It Guide.


How Does a Hair Dryer Work?

Many electric hair dryers are light enough to be handled in one hand and direct the air flow. A extremely long coil of thin wire in the dryer generates heat. AThe heat is carried through the nozzle and in the direction you choose by a jet of air blasted by a fan behind the heating element. A thermostat switches off the electricity to prevent the engine from burning out if the air flow is impeded and the air becomes too hot.


How Can I Identify a Hair Dryer Problem?

If your hair dryer stops working, start searching here:

  • Check the electrical cable and make sure the power is on at the outlet if the appliance doesn’t operate at all.
  • If it still won’t start, disassemble it to inspect the thermal cutout and, if necessary, service it. With a multimeter, check the motor, switches, and heating element.
  • Check the fan switch and replace it if it is faulty if the fan does not work on all settings.
  • Check the heat switch and service if necessary if the dryer does not heat on all settings.
  • Check the heat switch and the heating element if the fan is working but the heat is not.

What Are the Steps to Hair Dryer Repair?

Disassemble a typical hair dryer:

  • Turn off the dryer.
  • Remove the nozzle and filter from the hair dryer. They are held on by tension on some types and by a little screw where the nozzle or filter meets the main body on others.
  • Remove and clean the intake filter screen if the device has one.
  • Remove the housing by unscrewing the screws that hold it together.
  • Locate and test any switches, the fan, and the motor. You may notice evident damage or faults that can be swiftly rectified in some circumstances. Alternatively, you may need to locate and install replacement components.

Service a hair dryer thermal cutout:

  • To access the heating element assembly, open the housing as described above.
  • Examine the thermal cutout for any signs of wear or discoloration. One of the two wires running from the electrical cord and inside the enclosure will be attached to the thermal cutout.
  • Clean interior components with canned air to remove dust, hair, and other contaminants. Take care not to harm the heating unit’s sensitive element wiring.