A hair clipper is a specialised tool used to cut human head hair. It is often referred to as the apparent plurale tantum hair clippers (similar to scissors). Hair clippers work in the same way as scissors, but are not the same as scissors or razors. Sheep are sheared with handpieces or machine shears, which are similar but heavier-duty equipment.


This hair clipper repair Fix-It Guide explains how a hair clipper works, what commonly goes wrong, how to diagnose a hair clipper problem, and what parts and tools you’ll need to fix it. Other Fix-It Guides with straightforward step-by-step directions on battery repair, electrical receptacle repair, electrical cable repair, motor repair, and switch repair are then directed to you. These instructions also apply to repairing a pet hair clipper.


How Does a Hair Clipper Work?

An electric hair clipper, often known as a hair trimmer or hair clippers, is a small motorised tool that cuts hair by moving cutting blades across stationary blades. An electric beard trimmer works similarly, except the engine and blades are usually smaller. An electric dog grooming clipper works in a similar manner. Each clipper is powered by a rechargeable battery or household current via an electric wire.

What Can Go Wrong with a Hair Clipper?

Cleaning a hair clipper or beard trimmer after each use and following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions will save you money on repairs. Additionally, the power cord may need to be replaced, the recharger may require service, or the motor may be defective. Cutting blades and cutting edges can become blocked and damaged. Fortunately, you can do a lot of the work yourself. Some of the newer models even clean themselves.

How Can I Identify a Hair Clipper Problem?

  • Check for power at the electrical receptacle, check the battery and recharge it if it is low, or check the electrical cord if a hair clipper does not operate at all. Turn the unit over and manually move the blades after unplugging it. Test the motor and switches if necessary.
  • If a hair clipper or beard trimmer is slow to operate, clean and lube it according to the owner’s manual’s instructions. Check the battery in rechargeable units and recharge if necessary.
  • Clean and lubricate a hair clipper if it is noisy or cuts poorly. Check the motor as well.

What Do I Need for Hair Clipper Repair?

Replacement parts for an electric hair clipper or beard trimmer are available from the manufacturer or aftermarket providers in retail stores or online. The following are some basic repair tools:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Lightweight lubricant