Guide To Clean Your Dusty Ceiling Fan: Make Them Shine!

Cleaning is vital for each and every fan, be it a best low-cost ceiling fan for a decorative ceiling fan. However, cleaning ceiling fans is actually something that nobody likes to do. Polar brings you the most effective tips to clean your fan within a few moments.

Most power saving fans require proper cleaning. And in doing so, certain tips are going to be necessary for you to keep in check. These tips are as follows:

  1. Try to make a DIY cleaning tool in order to clean the ceiling fan quickly and avoid specks of dust spreading everywhere. You can use items that aren’t any longer usable.
  2. For this purpose, you’ll need rags, four rubber bands, and a pair of barbecue tongs.


  • You need to roll the arm of the tongs with the rags. You may also use any type of old cloth towel
  • Secure them with certain rubber bands
  • Next, what you need to do is to clamp the decorative ceiling fan blade in between the tongs and then drag the rags parallel to the blade length
  • However, with the utilization of this method, the low cost ceiling fan gets proper cleaning. Both the top and bottom gets effectively cleaned in only a swipe
  • The best thing about this DIY cleaning process is, there aren’t any chances of the dust flying in the face. In addition, the dust gets stuck in between the rags.


There is absolutely no single particular reason to clean fans. Some people simply do it regularly while some do it only on occasions. Modern power saving fans have the need to get proper cleaning every now and then.

  1. Who doesn’t like to maintain proper hygiene? A dusty fan can fill the area with utter dust and might also cause several respiratory problems. In order to clean your ceiling fans easily, you should switch to the best methods.
  2. Besides, getting compliments from neighbours and guests on maintaining safety standards is another integral reason why you ought to indulge yourself in the process. It is important that you just balance the beauty of your decorative ceiling fan.
  3. We completely take care of almost all the household items that we possess. Then why not ceiling fans? Low cost ceiling fans provide extraordinary comfort. Thus, it’s completely our responsibility to clean our fans on a regular basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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