Good Quality Pedestal Fan Features

While you’ll see many innovative features in ceiling fans within the market, pedestal fans actually seem to be pretty ordinary. However that’s where the truth lies. They ‘seem’ to be quite ordinary when in reality they are not.

In today’s world, some pedestal fans come with features that will not just delight you but may also surprise you quite a bit. All you need to do is to actually find the correct one.

Following are some features that you need to look in a good quality pedestal fan.

Energy Savings:

A very natural question anyone would ask themselves is- “does a pedestal fan even really consume an amount of energy that I should be bothered about?” Well, yes it actually does. So much so, that if you get a really good energy-saving fan that you will be using round the year, you would probably end up saving around 50% on your electricity bills!

Remote Control:

As mentioned above, pedestal fans aren’t far behind ceiling fans when it actually comes to innovation. Today, you’ll be able to find a pedestal fan that comes with a remote control with functions like speed control, oscillation control and timer control.

Light Weight:

Think about it, you’d want to purchase a pedestal fan because you don’t want to repair it in a particular spot, right? It is safe to assume that you will use it in numerous areas in your home. Though not daily but regularly. So, a pedestal fan that is quite light weight will only make portability easier.

Good Looks:

Today, customers are becoming more and more conscious of how home appliances blend with their home interiors. So, appliance-making companies are coping up to satisfy their expectations. Though you’ll not find an excellent variety of colours in pedestal fans, we are certain that you can find a sleek-looking product which blends seamlessly with any home interior. Furthermore, some fans even come with a LED display that smartly shows speed, timer, oscillation, etc.

Less Maintenance:

Who would really like a fan that usually encounters problems, right? You should always search for a pedestal fan that not only has a long life but also comes with a long warranty.

Variable Speed:

Since, not all people like the same level of cooling, having variable speeds is actually a must. Besides, it further makes it more convenient to use the fan across different seasons. Even specific features can further prove to be of great use during particular seasons.

Swing Feature:

A quick search on Google will show you that some pedestal fans are actually intentionally made to blow air only in a specific direction. This is because a majority of them are simply made for commercial purposes when the room sizes are quite large. For homes, swing feature becomes mandatory for better air circulation.

So the next time you think about buying a pedestal fan, do consider all the features that are mentioned above. For more details visit Jagdamba Service website or contact us by the number given on the website.