Ponytails and braids are wonderful hairstyles to wear on days when you don’t feel like wearing your hair down. Summer is the official season when open hair takes a back seat and females choose for easy-to-wear braids, half buns, and other hairstyles. Crimped hair, which was once a popular retro hairstyle, is making a comeback in the hot weather when it comes to unique hair styles.

If you’re tired of the same straight hair locks and curls, invest in a Hair Crimping Tool and make a statement, whether it’s for a brunch date with your bae or your first day back at work.

Chick Hairstyles Using Hair Crimping Tool

Crimped Hair with Half Bun

Making buns with a new twist is the next big trend in the summer season. To style your untidy hair, all you need is a Hair Crimper machine, according to this easy-to-style hairdo. Crimp your hair to your desired texture, then knot a top bun with a portion of crimped hair. Allow the rest of your hair to flow freely, depending on how much volume you desire. This unusual hairstyle is simple to create, takes very little time, and is suitable for all hair lengths.

Crimped Ponytail

The best part about this simple hairdo is that you don’t need any Women’s Hair Accessories to add crimps to your regular ponytail. Many celebrities wear this hairstyle with their evening party outfits, and to get the look, simply start crimping your hair and finish with a standard ponytail. Comb your hair well with the jagdamba Service Tail Comb and part it in the middle or on the side.

Zig-Zag Hair Braids

Another unusual hairstyle that will make you appear great with any outfit and event is zigzag hairstyled with braids. If you want to braid your hair without it looking flat and thinning, use a Hair Crimper to create textures on the straight hair before braiding it in your desired style. For a final look, work layer by layer and crimp your hair in different sections.

Pin-up Crimped Hair

Hair Accessories, such as Bobby Pins, can be used to neatly arrange your hair and provide an elegant touch. With the help of a Hair Crimper, pinning up the hair with pins can be updated. Simply crimp the locks and separate the freshly styled hair portions in the middle partition if you don’t know how to braid or pleat your hair. Gather your hair into two portions and pin them together at the rear crown area with hairpins.