Easy hacks for table fan repair

Facing this scorching heat and temperature makes us unable to live without fans. It is hard to face this heat wave and soaring temperature. Although electric fans are easy to use and also budget friendly to survive this summer. However, table fans are more handy and convenient. It’s important to check out all the best features while choosing the table fan. Because nowadays it’s common that fans are becoming jittery and stop working after a few days of buying. You need not to worry as this article will guide you to learn some basic hacks for repairing a table fan.

You must note that sometimes the fan is not working due to a fault in the switch board. So must check before changing your fan. You can remove the issue on board by yourself.

Clean your table fan

If you are observing your fan as it is becoming noisy it may be due to dust particles in it as dust creates friction in the barrels of fans. You can remove this problem by cleaning the fan. Firstly detach all the parts of the fan and clean them separately, apply lubricants then arrange all the parts back and  you will observe its working well.

Change the capacitor

Sometimes problems persist even after removing the dust. So removing this problem you need to find an alternative option: find the same version of capacitor as previous was and rearrange and set all parts again.

What do you need  for a table fan repair

You do not  need all the fancy equipment to check or correct all the functions of your fan, you just need some basic things such as a screwdriver, cloth and some oil. And if there is a fault in your capacitor you will need a new capacitor for it.

Benefits for repairing a table fan by yourself

By doing it by yourself you will get to know much about your fan along with that you will develop some basic skills regarding this. The other major benefit is saving your money. As you are spending all the tools that are already available with you. As you are aware about these you will always use the perfect quality wire.