Nothing surpasses leaving the salon with bouncy, silky curls after a blow-dry. You are radiant, self-assured, and ready to take on the world. Knowing how to use a hairdryer at home, whether you’re a blowout pro or prefer to rough-dry and go, will make all the difference, and you won’t have to go to the salon. However, practically every dryer on the market has the same qualities, making it difficult to choose the best one.


What Are Some Hair Dryer Uses?

  1. You can use your hairdryer to make removing an adhesive bandage or plaster less uncomfortable. Warm up the adhesive bandage or plaster by blowing it on it for a few seconds.
  2. Blow your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for a few seconds before usage. Warm curlers help to create lashes that are exceptionally thick and curly! (Just keep an eye on yourself so you don’t burn yourself.)
  3. Apply a cool hairdryer to your freshly painted nails to help the lacquer set faster. Use a cool air setting because hot air does not dry the polish and instead makes it tackier.
  4. Above all, dry your hair for various hairstyles.

How to Use a Hair Dryer

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use a hair dryer if you’re new to hair styling and want to learn how to do it at home:

Wash Your Hair

Although it may appear that the ‘ideal blow-dry routine’ does not include hair washing, it does. Washed hair is easy to style and looks great after using a hair dryer. You can wash your hair with any regular shampoo, although a moisturising shampoo is recommended. It will moisturise the hair while also protecting it from the heat’s drying effects.

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Hair is more prone to damage when it is moist. Avoid rubbing too hard with a towel or using the dryer right away. Instead, cover your hair with a towel or an old T-shirt and gently absorb the extra water. If you have short hair, wrap a towel or T-shirt around your head. After removing the towel, let it air dry. Use a leave-in conditioner after smoothing out your hair and waiting until it is at least 60% dry.

Divide Your Hair into Small Sections

Untangle your hair and divide it into small portions based on its length and thickness. The longer it takes for a part to dry, the larger it is. Use clips to separate the parts and work on one side of the hair entirely before moving on to the other.

Start with the Lower Sections

Many of us don’t know how to correctly style our hair with a hairdryer. We simply set it to the highest temperature and apply it to our heads with a round brush. This is ineffective since the hair has been exposed to high heat and is not properly styled. Use a gentle blow dryer at the appropriate distance.

Use cold air and a hair spray to finish

To keep the shine in your hair, blow it with cold air. You may also use an anti-frizz serum or hair spray to make them look shine.

Almost everyone struggles with hair frizz. On those searing hot summer days, though, nothing seems to work, even if you’re using a hairdryer. If you take these steps correctly and know how to use a hairdryer at home, you’ll get great results every time. At Jagdamba Service, we have a large selection of hair dryers for a variety of applications. Our jagdamba Service Style-Up Hair Dryer makes drying your hair quick and simple. On this dryer, there are three speed settings, two heat settings, and one cold setting.