4 Tips To Consider When Purchasing An Air Cooler

Living in a tropical country like India the positives aspects are the opportunity to enjoy various seasons- spring, summers, monsoon, autumn as well as winter. However, not all the things are positive there’s a drawback, too, which is the long summer months especially, if one stays in the Northern Region. Moreover, since ancient times in order to counter the heat from the scorching sun, people have been finding various different ways to keep themselves cool. From using natural cooling techniques like clay containers, placing damp reeds over the windows, hand fans to today, installing high-tech cooling devices.

For several years, one such smart electronic cooling gadget that has been famous as well as preferred by people is the air coolers. This specific gadget which is for cooling regulates the indoor temperatures at comfortable levels to keep the area breezy and cool. Therefore, if you are considering buying one, we have for you 4 tips to think about when buying an Air Cooler-


Climatic conditions of the place play an important role when considering buying an air cooler. This air chilling machinery is apt, particularly for people residing around hot and dry weather. The evaporative air coolers are beneficial as they use the natural process of evaporation to chill the area. The warm air drawn from the fan crosses over the cooling pads that are water-moistened, which then turns it into cool air. Moreover, this natural evaporative cooling machinery doesn’t dry the indoor air. Therefore, it is recommended to choose desert air coolers for sizeable areas with a large tank capacity.

Cooling Pads

This is actually the key component in order to turn hot air into a cool breeze. Therefore, it’s essential to understand that there are two kinds of pads, honeycomb and Wood wool cooling pads. Honeycomb is much more famous, mainly because it provides long lasting coolness due to its ability to hold and absorb more water. Another thing that matters is the thickness of the cooling pads, thus you need to always check on that. We recommend checking out the air coolers that are ideal for indoor and smaller areas. Also check out the ones that offer features like anti-bacterial, anti-erosion, and anti-deformation honeycomb pads. Air coolers that have good hydrophilic properties that absorb the remaining dust particles and cleanse air thoroughly are also good choices.

Room Size

Don’t miss this aspect when choosing an air cooler, and for the best result, it’s vital to install according to the area size. To explain this further, it’s relevant to understand that air delivery is measured in terms of cubic meter/hour, that indicate the volume of air the fan can blow per hour. The more there are cubic meter/hour, the larger area it’ll actually cover. Thus, always check this parameter.

Energy Efficiency

Air coolers that are eco-friendly are generally more energy efficient, as compared to air conditioners. It is also cost-effective because the installation costs and maintenance cost of this cooling device is lesser.

Therefore, when purchasing the air cooler, you need to always remember the above points and check the advanced features in order to enhance its basic functioning. For more information contact us or visit a website at Jagdamba Service.